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Which are the minimum requirements for installing/using eyecloudCam?

You’ll need 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi and a smartphone [iOS9.0 or above, Android5.0 or above].

Laptops, PCs, tablets are not included right now.

Open the eyecloudCam app. Scan the QR code appearing on the phone display using the camera. To do so, just line up the QR code in the camera. The device will automatically connect to wi-fi.

HERE‘s a short explainer on how to connect your device to the internet and pair it to your phone.


Can I access my recordings when the internet is down?

If the internet is down, the camera will work normally and store footage locally, but you won’t be able to access your data and you won’t receive notifications.


Will weak Wi-Fi affect person detection?

If the wi-fi goes down, the camera will still be working as per usual. The detection modes [motion, people, stranger] won’t be affected whatsoever. eyecloudCam will still be able to record events and store them locally, but won’t send you notifications.

However, if the WiFi is poor, the video playback might look choppy. We recommend you to download the video to your phone first, and then play it.

Once the camera gets back online, the user will be able to access recordings and snapshots via the app.

How many cameras can I use simultaneously?

In terms of pairing, you can add to your smartphone app as many cameras as you want, but you can manage only one camera at a time (live stream, change settings, playback, etc.)


I’ve followed all the instructional steps to connect to the internet, and yet the camera seems to be disconnected. Why is that?

A1: You typed an incorrect wi-fi password

A2: eyecloudCam only works with 2,4 GHz networks. Connect the device to a 2,4 GHz network.

A3: If the battery drops below 30%, charge it for at least 6 hours. To see the battery levels, go to your app → Camera → Camera Settings → Camera Info → Battery Level.

A4: Slow wi-fi.

If nothing changes after typing the correct password, connecting it to a 2,4 GHz or changing the Wi-Fi, please submit a ticket on http://www.eyecloudcam.net. → Support.


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