eyecloudCam Gets Revamped

eyecloudcam becomes sticker-eye

Dear all, almost a year ago we embarked on an amazing crowdfunding journey on Kickstarter with the world’s first AI embedded home security camera with on-device face recognition: eyecloudCam. It has been an exciting year that has taught us tons of new things. As our company has evolved, the most natural thing to do was to extend our solution as well.

This spring, eyecloudCam will be changing its name and debut as Sticker-Eye.

The renaming reflects both the evolution of our product as well as our vision for the future. Since we plan on developing several home security solutions, we also want to create a safe environment to keep them all under the same umbrella of technical specs.

But How Does The Renaming Affect The Product?

It doesn’t. A leopard never changes its spots, right? Our goal here was to specifically reflect the traits (versatility and intelligence) of our product making use of a single name: Sticker-Eye.

Sticker-Eye is [S]mart, [T]rustworthy, [I]ndependent, [C]ompact, [K]een, with [E]mbedded AI, [R]ecording for as long as there is motion, and always keeping one eye open, even when on standby mode.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes that are about to happen. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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