eyecloudCam – A Home Security Camera With Person Detection

PIR sensors

Featuring person detection and face recognition, home security cameras nowadays are gaining more and more human characteristics.

In a previous article, we briefly talked about PIR-based cameras and the way they work. More specifically: eyecloudCam.

eyecloudCam uses a PIR [Pyroelectric InfraRed] sensor to detect the motion of warm “objects” passing by. When the device detects motion, it instantly wakes up from stand by mode. From that point, it tries to distinguish human from non-human activity [environment, animals].

eyecloudCam was built in such a way that it detects any type of motion. Depending on your preferences (the detection modes you want to enable), it filters events accordingly and sends you smart alerts.

You can choose different detection modes on your eyecloudCam app:


person detectionMotion Detection: Detects and records any type of motion (including people). If you activate the motion detection feature only, the device will send you alerts each time the PIR sensor “detects” infrared light radiating from moving “objects” (people, animals, cars etc.). On the other hand, eyecloudCam won’t tell you whether there’s a human, animal, car etc.

Person Detection: Detects and records people only.

Stranger Detection: It is an expansion of Person Detection. Upload a close-up face image of a family member or friend. Enable the “Stranger detection” feature. The camera will notify you each time a stranger or a familiar person walks by.

Here’s how eyecloudCam detects people and recognizes faces :

There are two ways to get the eyecloudCam app:

  1. Search for eyecloudCam app on your iOs or Android device.
  2. If you’ve already purchased the device, just scan the QR code on the box with a QR code scanner.

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