Ways To Place your eyecloudCam

eyeCloudCam can be placed on any horizontal area or can be stuck to a vertical surface, ceiling or roof in a jiffy.

Thanks to our practical and innovative design, our portable security solution can be installed anywhere. Just a double glued circle sticker, a magnetic mount, and 3 extra-screws, to be sure.

Recommended Surfaces

  1. Those surfaces that you don’t want to drill through, such as furniture, tile, glass, interior walls, exterior walls etc.
  2. Drillable Surfaces.
  3. Magnetic Surfaces.

Horizontal surfaces




Vertical Walls


Roofs and Ceilings



How Not to Use eyecloudCam

The camera cannot properly detect events through a glass. Our recommendation is not to place it inside the house, facing the window.

If the device is too far from a router, you might encounter connectivity issues. Our recommendation is to place your eyecloudCam in the proximity of a wireless router.


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