What’s all the fuss with PIR sensors?

PIR sensors

When it comes to homes or businesses, security and safety are the first things that come into our minds. With burglary and theft always being on the verge of happening, keeping an eye to the places we want to keep safe is one way to be in control.

What’s a PIR camera?

A PIR [passive infrared] camera is a camera that comes with a PIR sensor. The sensor measures warm IR [infrared] light that radiates from objects found in its field of view.

A sensor is an electronic device, module or subsystem that detects events from the physical environment (light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure) and sends the information (usually) to a computer processor. Basically, sensors convert input from physical parameters to electric signals. The electric signals are then converted into a human-readable interface and displayed in computer monitors for reading, interpretation, and processing

PIR sensor

image source

Low-power and easy to use, a PIR-based motion detector senses the movement of objects that emit some low-level radiation. The quantity of radiation emitted is directly proportional to the temperature of an object/animal/person.

All sorts of appliances and gadgets used in homes (or businesses) come with PIR sensors. They are mostly applied to battery-powered cameras to preserve battery life and to avoid false alarms.

Take a look at eyecloudCam:


PIR sensor eyecloudCam

eyecloudCam goes along with a PIR sensor that measures infrared light radiating from “objects” and distinguishes humans from other non-humans [animals, environment]. When eyecloudCam detects a person, it starts recording, storing videos locally. Otherwise, the device enters standby mode until the next event.

The embedded neural network is a key element in our story. Besides that, along with a PIR sensor it allows eyecloudCam to see and analyze objects in the monitoring range. This way, the device avoids sending false alarms caused by falling leaves, animals, cars and other moving objects.

PIR sensors

PIR sensors


Finally, if you want to get a security camera, make sure it’s a smart device that doesn’t annoy you with false alarms and pesky alerts. 🙂


Learn more about eyecloudCam HERE and HERE.

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