Why Get A Home Security Camera

home security camera

A home security camera is an unbiased observer that shows homeowners what’s going on with their abodes when nobody, except few, is watching.

For most of us, home is our comfort zone. Home is where the heart is. Home is a state of mind. An abstract, flexible place that moves as we move and changes as we change. Unlike any metaphors out there, this frame of mind we usually call “home” is also stored somewhere in a physical place where one lives permanently.

To this extent, one can almost say that there are two types of homes: the ones in our hearts [people and things we love] and the ones we’re inhabitants of – those physical environments that offer us security, privacy and, if we’re lucky enough, precious companionship.

The first step to feeling safe is knowing things. Once you know the truth, you can take action.

So, why should I set up a home security camera?

Is my house safe while I’m away? Did I close the windows when I left? What if somebody sneaks in while I’m away? How do I know things are alright?

What are the benefits of a home security camera? Why should I buy a home security camera? Aren’t these devices a little bit intrusive?

Check out 5 rules of thumb when considering buying a home security camera:


  1. Know your surroundings

Sometimes security is all about hoarding the right information. Knowing things – knowing things make people feel secure. This, and letting other people know that your house is under non-stop watch. A home security camera gives you priceless insight of what’s going on around your home 24/7.

2. Mark your territory.

The classic “beware of dog” sign accompanied by the creature itself would have been enough for people back in the days to “mark” their territory. Nowadays, wrongdoers are “welcomed” by a less invasive sign shaped in the form of a security camera. Placed right, a security camera discourages potential burglars.

3. Take care of your folks.

Honor your loved ones by keeping them safe and sound. When it comes to kids, it’s not always all fun and games. When playing around the house, they tend to become quite active and sometimes they get hurt. So you’d better keep tabs on them to be able to react on time. Same goes for your elders. If they happen to loose balance and trip, it’s crucial to act without delay and come in help at once.

4. Go have fun.

If you plan on going on vacation, a home security camera comes in handy because it gives you remote access to your home in a flash, so there’s no need for leaving your house keys to some neighbor. All you have to to is set up that camera, teach your cat, Felix to water the flowers and that’s that. Keep calm and enjoy your days off.

5. Solve your problems & move on

Speaking of which, you still didn’t manage to find out who trashed your garden furniture or chewed the water hose. A home security camera doesn’t really care that when the cat’s away, the mice will play – however, it records a nice piece of evidence for you to show your “dancing mouse”, Felix.


A home security camera is not a cop, a guardian or your mother. It will not push away unwanted guests, and it won’t get to have an inspirational moment with a thief explaining them why is not okay to go and rob a house.

To sum up, home security cameras are here to stay. They provide home owners with protection and give them the peace of mind they desire.

However, before considering getting one, do make time to think about your security needs and goals, and about the soft spots of your home.

In the end, a home security camera, improperly managed and positioned, that also lacks some key features, is unproductive and unprofitable.

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