Where to Place Your Home Security Camera

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Home security plays a key role in our lives. If you’re on vacation, gone shopping or peacefully taking a nap in the living room, you need to make sure your house is well-kept.

Burglars don’t really care of your location. If they’re perseverant and agile enough, they can enter your place, take what they want and leave. And all this in a matter of seconds.

In the U.S., a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. 30% of them are through open or unlocked windows or doors. Only 17% of the homes in U.S. have a security system. Those without a security system, are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.

Break-ins are 6% more likely to occur between 6 an the morning and 6 in the evening.

Things to do when buying a security camera

  • if your home security cameras are wireless, make sure they have access to a strong wi-fi signal;
  • if your cameras are cordless, consider using tamper-resistant screw heads;
  • position outdoor security cameras out of reach of intruders;
  • check your outdoor camera’s IP rating to ensure it is weatherproof;
  • make sure the rain or snow don’t reach the lens;
  • set up your cameras in such a way that focuses on specific key areas of the house that need 24/7 monitoring;
  • talking of 24/7 monitoring, make sure you don’t invade your neighbors’ privacy;
  • don’t point the camera directly into a light source;

Best Places To Put Home Security Cameras

Homeowners usually set up monitoring systems to get remote access to the comings and goings in their houses. If not placed right, home security cameras can be useless. It is important to have a holistic perspective of your home and identify the most vulnerable areas for break-ins.

Front and Back Doors

Burglars are not really that creative. If they want to rob a house, they usually put themselves in the shoes of the target – and make themselves at home.

34% of burglars enter through the front door, and 22% of them break into a home through the back or side door. A surprising number of burglars gain access to homes through open or unlocked entrances.


Consider placing the outdoor security cameras above or near any doors leading into your home. And lock your doors.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, better take a second look before opening the window and letting down your hair.

23% of burglars gain entrance through that spot. Overgrown vegetation makes climbing even easier.


Again, consider placing the outdoor security camera above or near any window, and out of the reach of human hands. If you’re not comfortable with leaving your cameras outside, you can place them inside, somewhere on a shelf, facing the entry zone.

Garages and backyards

Targeted by 9% of burglars, the garage is an interesting soft spot that might contain expensive tools, bikes, cars or even weapons (shovels, pitchforks). The backyard is a vulnerable place packed with valuable alluring things. And not only that: if they’re in the garden playing without supervision, your kids might need some attention.


If you have a backyard in your house, keep it well-lit. And place an outdoor security camera able to provide a crisp, wide view of your property.


Your home security camera comes with many smart features. And some more

Make use of the qualities of your tech-accessorized home security camera and place it strategically to keep your home safe and sound. The smarter the camera, the better. And a better placed camera, is for the best.

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