Eyecloud.ai Raises Funding From NLVC

We’re thrilled to announce that Eyecloud has received a seed round of funding from NVLC – Northern Light Venture Capital.

“We’re interested in those start-ups who can practically turn AI technology into real products. By investing in Eyecloud.ai, we believe we have not only made a rewarding investment decision but also contributed to the society by enabling Eyecloud.ai to make products that make people’s lives safer and easier.“ – NLVC Founder & Managing Partner Feng Deng

Established in 2017, Eyecloud.ai is a Silicon Valley company with development centers in Romania and China. We currently focus on AI-on-edge product design, research, development, and production.

eyecloud team


“We founded Eyecloud.ai with a mission – to bring AI home. Our team is expert in embedding and optimizing AI algorithms on edge devices. With our competitive advantage, we are able to make AI affordable, low power, and easy to use for consumers in the smart home market, let every home take advantage of the AI-on-edge devices” – Yuan Po, founder of Eyecloud.ai


Eyecloud.ai – the people behind the scenes

With an industrial background in Intel, Movidius, Google, and Yahoo, we have gathered more than 30 years of collective experience in product development and management. We have first-hand expertise in complex image processing, system design, optics, sensor characteristics, image processing, and camera system interfaces and integration.

We believe people don’t have to build it from scratch to live in the home of the future. On the contrary, all homes have this potential of becoming intelligent and autonomous. All we have to do is apply technology to our everyday life in a smart way.

Here at Eyecloud.ai, we aim towards tackling the needs for security and privacy. We want to include technology and AI in everyday life to make it easier, safer, and more intelligent. Our main focus is that of turning AI technology into low power, low cost, easy-to-use consumer devices.

Check out more about our product, eyecloudCam, world’s FIRST home security camera with embedded AI.

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